ARTSM working with Elexon and Unmetered Supply User Group (UMSUG) to find way forward on energy charging issue

ARTSM’s VMS Working Group is working with Elexon, the organisation that allows companies to trade, supply and operate within the electricity market, and the Unmetered Supply User Group, to provide accurate Charge Codes for the energy consumed by roadside equipment.

This is becoming more and more important as energy prices continue to rise and as a representative of many of the UK’s equipment manufacturers, ARTSM is aware that the increasingly complex way in which equipment is used makes the process for obtaining a Charge Code more challenging with Vehicle Activated Signs being a good example of this challenge. 

Since 2021 members of ARTSM’s VMS Working Group has worked closely with Elexon to develop a robust test methodology. Elexon manages the Balancing and Settlement Code, one of a number of codes governing the energy system. The Unmetered Supplies arrangements are governed by BSCP520: Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS. Elexon creates and maintains Charge Codes and Switch Regimes, which are used to calculate the energy consumption of unmetered equipment. Elexon also coordinates the Central Management System (CMS) process, which enables remote dynamic street lighting control.

The methodology has been accepted by the Unmetered Supply User Group (UMSUG) and is now included in the latest revisions to Elexon’s Operational Information Document (OID). The OID is an Elexon guidance document on Unmetered Supplies for use by customers, manufacturers, Unmetered Supplies Operators, Meter Administrators and other parties involved with Unmetered Supplies.

ARTSM will continue to work with both UMSUG and Elexon to ensure that the process for obtaining Charge Codes for traffic related equipment is workable and of course give a fair representation of the energy used.

More information about UMSUG is on the Elexon website.

More information about ARTSM is on the ARTSM website


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