California dreaming on the latest Highways Voices podcast, previewing ITS World Congress in LA

With fewer than two weeks to the start of the 2022 ITS World Congress, Highways Voices looks ahead to the World Congress by finding out about the key themes of the event, hears from exhibitors and gives you an idea of some things to do when you’re in Los Angeles.

Highways Voices will be reporting every day at the event with fresh podcasts for you that will be of interest if you’re in LA or if you’re at home and wanting to find out what is happening at this major event.

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“I think the first thing I want to say is it’s going to be big,” explains our guide to the Congress, Professor Eric Sampson who has been to every single World Congress. “it’s going to be big for two reasons. There hasn’t been a World Congress in the United States, as opposed to North America, since 2014. And it’s clear from the rest of the registrations, there’s a big pent up demand. The other reason it’s going to be big is that it’s in Los Angeles, California, a city known for cars – famous for congestion. It’s also got some politicians who are being very forward looking in how to solve it. It’s got the Olympics coming in 2028, and they’ve got a programme of 28 big transport linked projects to address the Olympics.”

Professor Sampson talks about how the Congress looks at delivering transport for all, and how technology can deliver the solution, and what politicians should see when they are there. He’ll be your trusted guide to the whole event discussing the key themes every day.

Meanwhile Richard Neumann of SWARCO talks about the new branding for its subsidiary McCain, SWARCO My City and a new solution for vulnerable road users, while sticking with vulnerable road users, Haejin Lee of Nota AI discusses spotting crashes before they happen and Danny Woolard of GEWI talks traffic information for bicycles.

Then you hear our guide to LA, Alan Clelland of DKS Associates giving ideas for what to do with your downtime in that great city and the latest news from our podcast partners.

All our podcasts for the World Congress are thanks to the generous support of our sponsors GEWISWARCONota AI, and Navtech Radar, all of whom you can meet in LA.


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