Campaigners start new legal fight against Stonehenge tunnel

The Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site pressure group has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to pay legal fees in its ongoing battle against the building of a tunnel to carry traffic on the A303 near Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

The campaigners are fighting a decision made last month to grant planning consent for the project, something National Highways CEO Nick Harris called “A decision which will enable us to progress this transformational scheme and deliver the planned benefits.”

They say the new road and tunnel on the A303 would “cause massive and irreparable damage to the archaeological landscape in violation of the UK’s international commitment to safeguard the site for future generations”.

Rowan Smith, a Leigh Day solicitor who represents the campaigners, said: “Our client is shocked that the Government appears not to have learnt from its mistakes and has repeated the decision to grant development consent for the Stonehenge road scheme.

“Again, the decision appears to have been made on an unlawful basis. Our client will argue that the failure to reopen the public examination a second time round was unfair and also a breach of human rights.

“We hope the court will grant our client permission for a full hearing.”

The campaigners are trying to raise £80,000 which they say will pay for the work the legal team will now have to do preparing for court and rebutting the Government’s arguments.

(Picture – National Highways)


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