Charity taking on four new staff to keep up with UK’s staggering road deaths and injuries

For a business, an expanding workforce and an increased demand for services is a sign of success, but for a charity supporting road crash victims, it’s not a good sign.

RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, sees the recruitment of additional staff members as highlighting what it calls the staggering number of people that continue to be killed and injured in collisions on the UK’s roads, and the immense grief and suffering that so many victims are facing.

On average, around five people are killed and hundreds are injured, every single day on our roads – that’s hundreds and thousands of victims in need of help and support every year.

Every month, many people reach out to RoadPeace to talk, to be listened to, to receive emotional support and to be guided through the post-crash process.

This support provides a lifeline for so many victims, but it’s something most of us won’t ever think about unless we become a victim ourselves.

The RoadPeace vision is for a world where road danger is not tolerated, where road crash victims receive justice and compassion and where there is no requirement for RoadPeace to exist. Yet, sadly, this vision seems a long way off. Instead, the charity is recruiting four new team members, to cope with the ongoing support needed for people bereaved and injured in road collisions.

The new roles include:

  • Local Network Coordinator
  • Local Network Project Administrator
  • Victims’ Voice Campaign Officer
  • Road Victim Care Coordinator

These new roles will provide an opportunity for caring individuals to make a real difference by supporting road crash victims and helping to prevent road harm.

The charity offers a befriender service and local support groups, provided by compassionate volunteers, as well as a national helpline.

For more information about the roles available visit:

(Picture – Roadpeace)


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