Chevron hail greener, safer temporary coverage solution

Work zone safety solutions company Chevron Traffic Management have hailed a new solution to ensure safety during the installation and removal of temporary traffic signals.

They’ve used CoverMe bags designed and delivered by site safety expert Peter Hoban which can be installed and used without the need of ladders thus eliminating the need to work at height, and without signals needing to be switched off and then on.

Writing on LinkedIn, Chevron describes CoverMe as ideal for the low-speed sector for utilities companies and events providers.

“We are manufacturing around 70% our products from recyclable material, unlike standard pvc which is used on most signal bags and we are removing single use plastics, because bin bags normally are used to cover beacons and road signs,” Mr Hoban told Highways News. “Bin bags don’t even cover the sign properly and can have detrimental effects on the furniture it covers, making it sweat. Road sign suppliers tell installers to remove bubble wrap and any packing to remove to allow sign to breathe, then some installers then go and put a bin bag over them and this can invalidate the warranty of the sign.”

Mr Hoban says CoverMe has a solution for signal bags, Belisha beacons and road signs.  “We have also invented a range of covers and wraps for the street lighting industry to seal decommissioned lighting columns and damaged or broken doors,” he added. “These come supplied with a logo, warning signs and wording to alert the public about the danger and it’s being dealt with. There is no need to use hazard tape, which is a single use plastic, and takes time to wrap around and doesn’t seal or carry any information.”

“As always this needs to be approved by the client depending on what technology is used at the signals and the duration of the switch off,” he concluded.  “The products all have one thing in common – the operatives’ safety. They all reduce the time an operative spends on site in a highly vulnerable location.”

(Picture – Chevron Traffic Management LinkedIn/CoverMe IRSS)


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