Council undertakes survey to analyse whether speed cameras are justified

Southend City Council has booked a survey of one of its major roads to check whether average speed cameras would make a difference to safety, despite previous research suggesting average speeds on the road are slower than the limit.

The Southend Echo has spotted a report to next week’s traffic regulation working party about the installation of cameras on Eastern Avenue, long been called for along by residents who raised a petition for the cameras say racing motorists put lives at risk.

The Echo says the call had previously been dismissed because a survey in 2020 showed the average speed of motorists was 36mph on the 40mph road, but that the report noted “The current speed data was collected in the vicinity of Bournemouth Park Road. Whilst the recorded speed at this point is positive, it is unfortunately felt that this location is not representative of the nature of this stretch of carriageway.

“Prior to determining whether or not average speed cameras would be suitable on Eastern Avenue, at the location stated in the petition, there is a need to collect up to date evidence and at locations more reflective of the nature of the road. Following which engagement with the Road Safety Partnership would be sought.”

(File picture – Jenoptik)


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