Dartford Crossing users fined after ‘accounts closed’

Drivers are reportedly being fined for using the Dartford Crossing after their accounts were “closed without their knowledge”.

Dart Charge customers gave automatic payments taken out of their accounts to cover the £2.50 fee to use the QEII bridge or the tunnel.

Kent Online has reported that drivers have received fines for several journeys spanning months after their accounts were shut without them knowing. In August last year, there were problems with the Dart Charge website following a toll system update.

At the time, National Highways asked those with accounts to log in and re-validate their payment cards.

However, it says the current issues do not relate to an IT system failure.

A spokesperson said: “When we changed providers for the Dart Charge Service at the end of July 2023, due to banking regulations all of our 1.7 million account holders had to re-validate their card details in order for us to continue taking payments for crossings made.

“All account holders were contacted in advance and prompted online, and to date 770,000 account holders have successfully updated their accounts.


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