Digital maps “vital” to understanding “new normal”

Mapping and traffic information company TomTom says digital maps are helping transport managers to cope with changes to traffic patterns in the light of Coronavirus.

Andy Marchant, TomTom’s Head of Visualisation Lab says the Company’s delivering information to look at the expected traffic at certain times of the day and compare this to what we see in reality.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries introduced restriction or guidance on movement in order to help contain the spread of the virus,” he says. “It was evident very quickly which cities had been impacted the most. We saw traffic in cities like Milan drop by 85% as people stayed at home and away from the roads.

“Now, as people return to work and some kind of normality, our analytical traffic data can plot the origin and destination of journeys, helping businesses and cities plan staggered work times or implement new measures to ensure people can maintain social distancing as much as possible.”

Marchant says that location data will continue to be more and more important to businesses in the future and it should be used as part of their decision-making process. “Look at how society will have to adjust to the ‘new normal’ after Covid-19. Knowing where your employees travel from and how they get to work can inform companies’ working hours or working from home policies. Cities will need to look at how to manage mobility to ensure whatever social distancing rules there are can be maintained.”

The company also says it’s monitoring changes in road layouts based on more emphasis in walking and cycling in order to ensure its navigation apps are up to date.


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