Distributing the £70 million for traffic signals on this week’s Highways Voices

This week’s Highways Voices is a must-listen if you work in the traffic signals industry, as we hear all about three new pots of money totalling £70 million to be spent on improving traffic signals across England.

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In the Transport Secretary’s plan for drivers money was earmarked to upgrade traffic signal systems, tune up traffic signals to better reflect current traffic conditions and get traffic flowing, and to deploy advanced technology for traffic signals, making use of emerging technologies to optimise traffic flow and balance traffic across city centres.

The money’s distribution will be administered through the Transport Technology Forum, with the help of LCRIG, and TTF Manager Darren Capes, who is ITS Policy Lead at the Department for Transport, gave an indication on distribution of the funds when he spoke at LCRIG’s Strictly Highways last week.

In this special Highways Voices, you hear what he had to say.


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