Dorset chooses AppyWay’s traffic management order processing

Dorset Council has chosen the parking, kerbside data and management firm AppyWay to deliver an end-to-end Traffic Order (TRO) Suite.

The suite is comprised of four tools designed to accelerate the traffic order process. To create and amend traffic orders Dorset uses Mapper, a next generation traffic order software that manages both static and moving traffic orders, and has been designed to make traffic order management faster, better, and more efficient. Through Engagement, councils can consult with residents on an interactive platform that encourages honest public consultation discourse on traffic order changes. To visual complex traffic order data, Dorset has been using Streets, the real-time local authority wide map of active on-street restrictions. Integrations allows councils like Dorset to share traffic order data with partners to improve traffic operations. Councils can seamlessly add traffic order data to existing systems allowing third parties to make better informed decisions.

“One of the main benefits of the suite is the flexibility and ease of restriction creation that the solution provides,” explained Mike Potter, Road Safety Team Leader for Dorset Council comments. “The ability to process more than one at a time will free up our time to do more in terms of processing TRO’s. Our previous legacy system was cumbersome to use and simple FOI or data requests would often consume a significant amount of our time. The AppyWay Traffic Order Suite is already paying dividends for us as it will release more of our time to process TROs through the system rather than chasing our tails a bit when requests come in.” 

AppyWay says the move to its map-based solution comes at a pivotal time for Dorset as the council looks to collaborate more effectively, better consulting with traffic teams across the county, all whilst transitioning to remote working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Mike Potter, Road Safety Team Leader for Dorset Council said, “Moving away from the text-based orders and into map-based orders will help make things much more straightforward. Through AppyWay’s map-based, cloud-hosted suite we will more easily be able to amend or change those orders to make improvements to the schemes. Excited is perhaps too strong a word to use sometimes but from a professional or traffic regulation order point of view, the Traffic Order Suite is something that we can really see will work well for us.”

“England’s kerbside faces some unique challenges, most notably Westminster’s push for more active travel via their Gear Change initiative,” commented Dan Hubert, Founder and CEO of AppyWay. “Dorset will be balancing these needs with those of their rural communities who will continue to need kerbside access for cars. Via Mapper, we’re making it easier for local authorities like Dorset to make changes to the kerb so they can support green policy objectives and collaborate across their county to drive change more broadly.”


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