Driverless pilot project launching in Norway

The Scandinavian driverless car project Holo is partnering with Toyota to bring autonomous vehicles to the streets of a town near the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

Vehicles retrofitted with Finish company Sensible 4’s autonomous driving software will be operated by Holo, who have been trialling the technology for more than a year.

They say that, having already established three autonomous shuttle routes in Oslo, the focus is now being shifted to suburban environments outside the city itself, testing two autonomous vehicles in mixed traffic in the town of Ski.

In a statement, Holo says, “With this new vehicle running in the streets we expect improved autonomous performance and the ability to drive with higher max speed. It is an opportunity for Holo to test the next generation of autonomous vehicles. 

“This project consists of four partners who each have their own role in the project. Holo is in charge of all project approvals and operating the vehicles when the project is up and running. Toyota Motor Europe is the one supplying the vehicles for the project. Sensible 4 provides the autonomous software and modifications of the vehicle to include a sensor stack. At last, there is Ruter, who is the public transport authority and is as well responsible for communication to the end-user.”

(Picture – Holo)


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