Driverless vehicle collides with cyclist in San Francisco

A driverless vehicle operated by Google’s sister company Waymo has collided with a cyclist in San Francisco.

The crash is making headlines in the city after a crash between a General Motors-owned Cruise vehicle and a pedestrian there last autumn.

In this case, the San Francisco Standard reports the cyclist suffered injuries that were not serious enough for them to need hospital treatment.

Waymo said the autonomous vehicle was attempting to go through a four-way intersection when it hit the cyclist. The driverless car didn’t initially see the cyclist because they were obstructed by a truck, the company said.

“An oncoming large truck progressed through the intersection in our direction and then, at our turn to proceed, we moved into the intersection,” Waymo said in a statement provided to The Standard. “The cyclist was occluded by the truck and quickly followed behind it, crossing into the Waymo vehicle’s path. When they became unoccluded, our vehicle applied heavy braking but was not able to avoid the collision.”

The company said it notified police of the incident and the cyclist left the scene with only minor scratches.

(File picture – Waymo)


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