Dynniq Mobility rebranded to SWARCO

Multinational transport technology company SWARCO says its merger with Dynniq Mobility, initiated at the end of September 2021, is proceeding according to plan and enters the next phase with the rebranding of the Dynniq Mobility companies.

It says the merger between SWARCO and Dynniq Mobility, two well-known brands in the industry, has a significant impact on how they act and are perceived as a global player in the ITS industry. It explains to establish a common feeling, both internally as well as externally, the company has decided to move towards a joint SWARCO organisation with a unified identity as quickly as possible.

“We have been clear from the beginning that it is our intention to promote the SWARCO umbrella brand to make it the leading brand in the ITS sector”, says SWARCO CEO Michael Schuch. “By leveraging the power of the strong SWARCO family brand, we want to strengthen our identity and culture and offer our business relations added value. Merging Dynniq Mobility with SWARCO will help us use the joint capabilities, intensify research and development, and come up with the best-in-class solutions portfolio in urban and interurban mobility management.”

The first changes have already been implemented: In Denmark, Sweden and Finland, the Dynniq Mobility staff moved into joint offices at the local SWARCO premises. In Belgium, Poland, and Croatia, Dynniq’s legal entities have been renamed SWARCO. The Dynniq Mobility companies in the Netherlands and the UK will follow in due course.  

Dynniq Mobility CEO Jan Vos sees great advantages in the merger. “Through SWARCO’s acquisition of Dynniq Mobility, the company can offer an extraordinary range of products, like the add-on of Dynniq’s SCOOT to the SWARCO MyCity platform, which will enable new end-to-end solutions to new and existing customers worldwide. With a globally extended footprint and more than 200 R&D domain experts in-house, SWARCO will address the rapidly changing landscape and drive innovation in the industry.” The biggest beneficiaries are road users all around the globe. The harmonized market presence of SWARCO and Dynniq Mobility will accelerate adoption and usage of ITS solutions, thus reducing road fatalities and CO2 emissions and improving the travel experience in general.

At the forthcoming Intertraffic Amsterdam, Dynniq Mobility can be found in hall 2 on the SWARCO stand. Both companies will celebrate that they are stronger together with the industry stakeholders at an after-show reception on 30 March.

(Picture – SWARCO)


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