E-scooter riders “more reckless” than cyclists

A new study in Norway has found electric scooter users are more likely to ride drunk and ride helmetless than cyclists.

The Mail reports Norwegian researchers examined 3,000 emergency department attendances due to e-scooters and bicycles in Oslo since 2019.

They found the rider was wearing a helmet in just one in 50 accidents involving an e-scooter, compared to two-thirds of bike crashes.

Four in 10 electric scooter users were intoxicated when they suffered injuries and more than six in 10 happened at night.

Meanwhile, less than one in 10 cyclists were drunk at the time of their accident and four in 10 were at night. 

The researchers called for strict alcohol bans for electric scooter riders and for them to be rationed at nighttime.

(Picture – PACTS)


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