Environmental group calls for cars to be banished from Hammersmith Bridge forever

Climate activist group Possible have issued their plans for a car-free future of London’s Hammersmith Bridge, instead offering a crossing over the Thames for cyclists, pedestrians and driverless pods.

The bridge has been closed for three years due to structural safety concerns and the group is suggesting that the local council is wrong to be trying to reopen it for all vehicles.

In a campaign message it writes, “the local council still seems adamant on finding a way to reopen the bridge to cars asap. Possible is asking the question – what if it didn’t?”

It says “The bridge was never designed to carry car traffic, and due its listed status and Victorian construction and materials, it soon became clear this was the most expensive bridge in Britain to fix. A bitter political row between the local council, the London mayor and the government over who should pick up the ~£150m repair bill has been rumbling ever since.”

It suggests bikes, cargo bikes, e-scooters and autonomous pods for those with mobility issues “could put Hammersmith and Barnes on the right path to a healthier, climate-friendly future.”

The group says the Mayor of London and Hammersmith & Fulham council have both committed to ambitious and commendable climate targets which require car traffic levels to fall by well over a quarter by 2030 and politicians have committed to taking urgent action on air pollution which continues to plague Londoners on a daily basis.

“Without motor traffic, Hammersmith bridge can serve as an iconic real-world example of how much better our cities could be if motor traffic levels are reduced in line with our climate and air pollution commitments.”

(Picture – Possible)


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