Eurovia apprentices make history as they complete the first Road Surfacing Operative Apprenticeship Scheme

Eurovia has supported the development of a level 2 apprenticeship programme, partnering with the IAT and Wirtgen Training Centre, Nottinghamshire, the first of its kind in the UK. Four Eurovia Surfacing Apprentices have now successfully completed the apprenticeship – making history for the sector, and potentially bringing new life to an aging profession.

With the goal of establishing a common way of working in road surfacing and attracting younger people into the industry, the 18-month apprenticeship gives learners an understanding of the theory around road surfacing, as well as practical experience using different plant and equipment required to complete works effectively.

Eurovia was one of several businesses that approached the Institute of Asphalt & Technology who engaged with the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) back in 2017 to create the first Road Surfacing Operative apprenticeship scheme, however a lack of funding led Eurovia to engage with Telford College to run the first cohort of apprentices in October 2020, subsiding the shortfall of the funding.

The apprenticeship is designed to be completed within 15-18 months, with each class consisting of a maximum of 12 students, who follow learning material approved by the Institute of Asphalt Technology (IAT). The practical training is undertaken in a safe and controlled environment, allowing the apprentices to get a familiarisation and working knowledge of the plant and machinery without the need to work in a live traffic situation.

Discussing the programme, Managing Director Paul Goosey said: “The need to train and develop apprentices has never been so important in our industry. This new Road Surfacing Operative Apprenticeship is essential to ensure a professional and sustainable workforce for the future of our surfacing business”.

The programme has received great feedback from its apprentices, with Cameron saying: “Being trained, and developed by a company like Eurovia was a perfect opportunity for me. The apprenticeship allows me to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills that I require to pursue my ambition of becoming a Surfacing Supervisor. The main thing that I love is that no one day is the same in this job and every day you learn something completely new, both on a personal and professional level.”

For Anton, Cameron, Jack and Liam, they are now part of the next generation of Road Surfacing professionals – being the first cohort to do so, is a huge achievement.

The apprenticeships have not only been beneficial to the students, but to Eurovia and the industry, in terms of ensuring that we provide a knowledgeable and competent workforce for the future. It allows the growth of an individual on a personal level and a professional platform which gives them the opportunity to uplift themselves. As a key worker in the industry, the opportunities are endless, and Eurovia’s programme does a great job at supporting and providing all the necessary tools to ensure their well-being and success!


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