Expanded ULEZ “adds 13 minutes to life expectancy”

Independent research by Channel 4 suggests that the expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone to the outer boroughs will not make any significant difference to two key types of air pollution.

Using the Mayor’s own data, the channel’s Factcheck Team calculates that the expanded ULEZ would add just 13 minutes to the life expectancy of the average Londoner in 2023.

It quotes he mayor’s own impact assessment, published in 2022, predicting that expanding ULEZ to outer London will cause only a “minor reduction” of 1.3 per cent in the average Londoner’s exposure to NO2 – and “negligible reductions” (0.1 per cent) in exposure to particulates.

Furthermore, it says that looking at the mayor’s impact assessment, this estimates that expanding ULEZ to outer London will cut the number of hospital admissions caused by air pollution by 26 this year – but “To be clear, that’s not 26 per cent – but 26 individual admissions averted”.

You can read the full factcheck here.

(File picture – RAC)


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