Fixed speed cameras could be coming to the Isle of Man

An area in the southwest of the Isle of Man could become the first on the island to introduce speed cameras.

The website Isle of Man Today reports that officials in the newly combined Arbory and Rushen are considering introducing cameras to tackle speeding, with the newly-appointed Commissioners’ chairman Jane Glover calling the idea, “a logical, pragmatic solution.”

“We know that our police force is already stretched and we know that speeding is a problem on an island-wide basis,” she’s quoted as saying. “So from our perspective we really do hope that national government will continue to look at the issue of speed cameras. To us, it seems like that if people were caught without the police resources having to be tied up it may well put people off. It certainly works in the UK so why not in the Isle of Man?”

There is no national speed limit on the Isle of Man meaning some roads may be driven at any speed which is “safe and appropriate”.

(Picture – Rushen Castle, Isle of Man)


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