France Fully Connected: SkedGo MaaS expansion bridges European mobility gaps

SkedGo has completed its coverage of France, encompassing all internal regions. This milestone is part of the ambitious SkedGo extension project aimed at enhancing MaaS coverage throughout Europe, ensuring seamless local and interregional service support across territories.

As SkedGo continues to innovate within the mobility sector, this expansion into France marks a crucial step in its European strategy. The integration mirrors the functionality users and clients have come to expect from the TripGo products, now extended to every corner of France, from bustling cities to serene rural landscapes. This development caters to the growing demand from clients and opens the door to future interregional connectivity with neighbouring countries Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany. 

SkedGo’s CEO John Nuutinen commented on the expansion, stating: “Completing our coverage in France is a testament to our commitment to making MaaS accessible and efficient across Europe. This expansion not only broadens our footprint but also exemplifies our dedication to breaking down barriers in transportation, offering unprecedented mobility solutions to our users.”

Adding coverage for all of France was a particular challenge as there is no single data feed including all national data as in other European countries such as the Netherlands or Germany. Instead the data is provided by separate data feeds from over 130 different providers. 

This endeavour not only enhances the granularity of local service support but also fortifies interregional travel between these newly mapped areas and existing mapped areas in neighbouring countries. The project’s success was further underpinned by the introduction of the innovative Region Plug-in schema, an internal development designed to streamline the creation of regions, which will also enable third-parties to create and improve regions directly. 


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