SkedGo’s lit routing ensures brighter journeys in Leicester

In an innovative move to enhance urban mobility, advanced mobility solutions developer SkedGo has unveiled its latest value-add to Leicester City’s “Choose How You Move” trip planner: Lit Routing. 

This pioneering update is set to reshape nighttime travel in Leicester, offering pedestrians a more accessible and illuminated path through the city. 

The newly introduced Lit Routing capability is a significant leap forward in making travel more inclusive for all of Leicester’s residents. By day, the Choose How You Move app and website trip planner continues to guide users along the quickest, healthiest and convenient pedestrian routes. Come nightfall, however, the technology adapts, recalibrating pedestrian pathways to offer well-lit routes, which are also covered by CCTV. 

“Lit Routing is more than just a feature; it’s our commitment to ensuring more accessible journeys for everyone in Leicester,” says John Nuutinen, CEO at SkedGo. “We believe in leveraging technology to break down barriers to mobility, and with Lit Routing, we’re shining a light on the path to inclusivity.” 

This innovative feature addresses a critical concern for night-time pedestrians: the need for greater confidence and visibility. Lit Routing is designed to provide peace of mind, promoting a sense of confidence among users as they navigate the city after dark. By directing pedestrians along the most visible and brightly lit routes, SkedGo is not only enhancing user comfort but is also opening up the city’s amenities to a wider audience, fostering a more inclusive community. 

The introduction of Lit Routing in Leicester marks a significant milestone in SkedGo’s mission to create a more inclusive mobility landscape, with the technology replicable in cities across the UK and beyond.  


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