GoSafe reveals speeding threshold in Welsh 20mph zones

The Welsh road casualty reduction partnership GoSafe has revealed drivers will not be punished for driving above the new 20mph standard residential speed limit until they are caught driving at 26mph or more.

The new lower limits were introduced across Wales on Sunday 17 September, with enforcement being introduced to support compliance.

On its website FAQs, GoSafe writes: “GoSafe apply the NPCC guidelines which outline the enforcement thresholds of not less than 10% plus 2mph.  While the public get used to the change in default limit, Chief Police Officers have allowed us to increase this to 10% plus 4mph in 20mph only, meaning we start to prosecute at 26mph in a 20mph limit.”

The organisation adds that when it comes to enforcement, “fixed cameras are installed where the collision risk is highest, and enforcement will occur where there is evidence of low compliance with the new limit.”

(Picture – Yay Images)


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