Grid Smarter Cities describes being at the “cutting edge of common sense”

The founder of kerbside management company Grid Smarter Cities, Neil Herron, has written a blog post asking if the “humble kerb” is the “missing missing puzzle piece that unlocks the digital ecosystem needed to deliver social, environmental, and economic benefits for cities and accelerate fleet transition to EV?”

“Whilst some smart city thinkers have been looking skywards for inspiration and thinking aerial drone deliveries are a solution, others recognise the answer has been under our feet all this time,” he writes. “The kerb is currently a fixed two-dimensional asset where many interactions take place, whether it’s pickup, drop off, loading zones, bus stops, clearways, cycle lanes or parking spots. With the first come first served jostling for position creating a complex, messy and often unsafe environment. It doesn’t have to be this way. Kerb Owners (mostly local authorities) need to be able to visualise and utilise their kerbside as a digitalised 3D gateway to enable the delivering of safer, greener, and cleaner places in which to live and work.

“At Grid Smarter Cities, we believe that we are ‘at the cutting edge of common sense!’ as we have created a kerbside management platform Kerb® that provides the kerb owner with the ability to flex permitted use of its kerb by times of day and user types to better reflect local safety and prioritisation hierarchies. By adding a pre-bookable element it gives an increased degree of certainty of access and timing for kerb users (freight, servicing and delivery vehicles).”

You can read the whole blog post here.

(Picture – Grid Smarter Cities)


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