Grid Smarter Cities webinar details kerb solutions

Kerb space management technology innovators Grid Smarter Cities are hosting a webinar to deliver healthy streetscapes.

The event, held on Thursday 12 May at 10.30 am, will detail ideas around enabling accessible kerbside for last mile deliveries. It’ll not only hear from Grid Smarter Cities but also from those affected by the challenges, with contributions from Impact on Urban Health, Infinium Logistics Solutions and Coventry City Council.

Cities have been transforming their streetscapes at a rapid rate, especially in the last two years, increasing pedestrianisation and creating a new hierarchy of users. Future planning needs to address the limitations of its urban realm in a congested space that is already seeing a rise in demand on the kerbside.

The vision of a healthier streetscape should benefit all users to enjoy a cleaner, greener shared space whilst accommodating the return of pre-pandemic trade and the rise of delivery and servicing trips that freight supports in the local business community.

Technology solutions can help to inform the best use of local space and guide behaviour change to ensure equitable kerbside access is given.

Cities, fleets and public health agencies must work together to solve the challenges of last mile logistics at street level, to be able to operate within these new pressures.

The event will be chaired by Highways News co-owner Paul Hutton.

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(Picture – Grid Smarter Cities)


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