Half of drivers rule out buying an EV

As the UK nears its 2030 deadline to stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars, new research suggests that 43% of British people won’t consider switching to an EV when they purchase their next vehicle.

Researchers for from car-sharing marketplace Turo say that that the top three barriers preventing car owners from switching to EVs are concerns about initial purchasing costs (87%), battery life (88%) and the lack of public charging (87%).

Older generations seem more sceptical, with53% of Gen X and Baby Boomers saying they wouldn’t buy an EV,dropping to 25% of Gen Z and Millennials.

Turo says that, with some of the cheapest EVs on the market costing as much as £22,000 and installing a charging point costing on average another £1,000, “it’s no surprise” that drivers are hesitant. Even for those who would consider purchasing an EV, more than half (58%) are still concerned about the cost.

However, a quarter (27%) of the same drivers said that they would be more likely to make the switch if they could offset the costs. Turo publicises that its app Turo allows car owners to earn an average of £423 a month by renting out their car.

Despite the initial outlay, drivers could be also convinced to go green if there was more accessible charging, with 64% of people saying they would be more likely to purchase an EV if there were more public charging points and 61% more likely to make the switch if they had their own charging point at home.

Costs and charging aside, almost three quarters (72%) of drivers feel that EVs are uncharted territory. Almost half (46%) say that they would be more likely to purchase an EV if they were able to take it for a prolonged test drive.

Despite these concerns, researchers say “there’s no doubt” that consumer interest in EVs is on the rise, with the number of registered electric cars having increased by 20% between 2022 and 2023. Equally, one in nine cars on Turo are run on alternative energy, more than three times the national number.

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