Historic traffic demand now integrated with automated model generation solution PTV Model2Go

Mobility software and modelling company PTV Group has launched what it calls a more sophisticated version of PTV Model2Go.

PTV Model2Go Demand now combines automated model generation technology with comprehensive traffic demand data based on TomTom’s analysis of trips, preferred routes and most driven streets throughout time. The new cloud-based solution provides users such as public agencies, consulting companies or research institutions with a basic transportation model for any city or region worldwide in as little as one week.

The Model2Go process combines smart automation technology with details about the origin and destination (OD) travel demand for any desired area. The travel demand matrices are powered by TomTom’s trustworthy, scalable and reliable traffic data, covering on average 10% to 30% of the total car road traffic. This new product prevents users from collecting data empirically, which is expensive and time consuming. The OD trip data are precise, yet anonymised and compliant with data privacy regulations such as GDPR.

“As we delve into Model2Go, we’ve introduced a true game-changer in the realm of urban and transportation planning,” said Christian U. Haas, the CEO of PTV Group. “By integrating the latest captured travel demand data, we’ve taken our out-of-the-box models to new heights.”

“TomTom is proud to achieve another milestone together with PTV Group in our 10-year successful partnership,” said Mike Schoofs, Chief Revenue Officer, TomTom. “Model2Go is an impressive development for urban planners and consultants, and with scalable and reliable traffic data coming from TomTom, it’s poised to enable better decision-making around mobility and transportation.”

The utilisation of standardised widely available data opens a plethora of use cases and evaluations, such as multimodal transport accessibility, select link / flow bundle analysis, location planning studies, and a wide range of common traffic and mobility analyses.

PTV Model2Go revolutionises the process of building basic transport models for any city or region worldwide, accomplishing it within a mere week. Users across various sectors, including public agencies, industry, and research, receive a ready-made foundation to develop simple and intricate modelling uses for their needs. Through a cloud-based approach, this innovative system combines intelligent automation technology with diverse data sources. Consequently, automated model creation becomes faster, more cost-effective, resource-efficient, and notably less prone to errors.

The initial release, PTV Model2Go Supply, already encompasses a wide range of transportation modes. It includes the road network along with key parameters like route types, speeds, and capacities. Furthermore, it incorporates the public transport network, timetables, points of interest, as well as generated traffic cells and structural data. This comprehensive model can be promptly utilised for analysis and visualisation in modern mobility planning upon delivery.

(Picture – PTV)


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