How to grow your business the smart way – this week’s Highways Voices podcast with SWARCO

“I do believe more revenue and bigger profits should just be a result and will be a result of putting the customer centre,” explains SWARCO’s Global Business Development Manager in this week’s Highways Voices podcast which focusses on how to do business in an ever-changing transport landscape. “We must not take any decisions with the aim of saying, how can we milk this cow more?”.

Niko Stieldorf joins Highways Voices host Paul Hutton on this week’s podcast to give an insight into how to grow a business.  In a podcast very much focussed on thought leadership and not a long sales pitch for the guest’s company, former Stanford University business student Stieldorf explains his approach to growing sales saying it’s about “How can we solve our customers biggest pain points more? If we’re successful in that world, then revenue and profit will follow – that’s a given if we do our homework properly… [but] do I believe that we can now start getting more and more into a world of a one size fits all? I don’t.”

In the interview, he talks about how he’s overseen interviews with more than 450 customers to find out their biggest priorities, and discusses what they are, while also how to deal with different jurisdictions having different rules and requirements, and why doing more preparatory work up front will save time and increase sales in the future.  He also explains how these experiences have helped SWARCO’s new MyCity product.

You’ll also hear Paul and Highways News co-owner Adrian Tatum round up the week’s top stories and find out why Nottinghamshire County Council is recognised in this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade”.

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