HS2 looks to AI to help cut carbon emissions

A number of HS2 construction sites are trialling a new carbon and cost estimating solution which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Using the AI tool, the building information model (BIM) processes are automated, allowing different design options to be simulated using different types and quantities of construction materials. This means carbon emissions and environmental impacts of construction can be visualised, measured and compared, resulting in the design of a more environmentally-friendly solution.

BIM is a collaborative process coupled with the use of the latest technology trends in 3D Computer Aided Design and Engineering to develop digital representations of HS2’s railway assets such as bridges and stations.

The new solution, being developed by Skanska as part of a project funded through Innovate UK, is an innovation which will replace the current method of manually measuring 3D drawings, and will assist the design process in reducing carbon emissions throughout the life of a building. The results will deliver carbon cost savings.

This tool will enable construction projects to leverage the full benefits of BIM and will empower construction teams to design for cost and carbon efficiency. It will lead to shorter pre-construction phases, reduced project management costs, greater visibility of carbon emissions and overall improved cost and carbon control. The project will also develop industry best practice for estimation and cost management.


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