Humber Bridge bans cash payments

The operators of the Humber Bridge have announced they won’t be accepting cash payments again.

They stopped taking cash in June saying it’d help protect staff from contracting Covid and say that since then drivers have “embraced” cashless payments and that applications for the HumberTAG free flow solution have “rocketed”.

In a statement the operators say, “With payment stations being placed on the outside of the toll booths, card payments have become seamless, with minimised contact between customers and our toll booth operators.  It is for these reasons that we have decided not to reintroduce cash payments on the Humber Bridge. Although this means the status quo won’t change, we will officially go cashless on January 1st, 2021.”

Drivers can use credit or debit cards, or mobile phone payments.

Andrew Arundel, Chief Operating Officer at the Humber Bridge, said the move would continue to protect customers and staff and would also ensure the bridge remained as efficient as possible, saying, “The feedback we have received is that with the virus still around, contactless methods of payment are the preferred option.

“Tag and contactless payments are also quicker than paying by cash and not having to process cash has made our processes more efficient. 

“So, there are benefits to both our customers and our staff from this move.”

(Picture – Yay Images)


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