Israelis introducing e-call-based system to prevent forgetting children in cars

A new piece of technology is being mandated in Israel which alerts emergency services if a child is forgotten in a car.

The Jerusalem Post reports the Kaftor BABY i2/4 has been approved by the Transportation Ministry and the regulation states that any car that is used to drive children under the age of four has to be accessorised accordingly.

The BABY i2/4 system includes a cellular modem that is not reliant on the driver’s cellphone and up to four sensors that can connect to the booster or car seat and works through a number of stages independently. The moment the engine is turned off, if the sensors pick up on the child’s weight, it alerts the driver with repeated beeps. If the weight is still felt after two minutes, the modem will send out a call to the cellphones that are registered in the system. If neither adults answers, eCall technology immediately alerts the authorities and gives them the exact location of the vehicle.

This report says the system is currently the only system on the market that uses eCall technology, which is connected to a centre that is manned 24/7. 

(Picture – Yay Images)


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