ITS expert questions future of MaaS

One of the UK’s leading transport technology experts says the transport community must reconsider all it’s been planning for Mobility as a Service and shared mobility in the light of the Coronavirus crisis.

Andy Graham told the weekly webinar that there is a large question mark over the thought of sharing a vehicle in a city. “Very high occupancy of a vehicle – it does start thinking a bit like that’s a way to spread a virus,” he said. “[Then there’s} the cost of then taking that vehicle out and cleaning… will they will all go to work in a shared pod, when people are unwilling to go to work in a shared train?”

In the wide ranging discussion, the ITS veteran and owner of White Willow Consulting says he’s impressed by how the industry has reacted to the crisis. “We’ve done things much more quickly than we used to do,” he says, “But there is there is perhaps sometimes a gap in the actual how to do it. When there’s no real guidance for how to do it. So we’re moving at a faster pace than we’ve done for a long time. I think we’re seeing the value of sharing things like data and sharing technology.”

He talks about his role in gathering data from local authorities, how organisations can get the most out of their infrastructure and on the need for a “Data Manager” in each local authority.

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