ITS (UK) Early Careers Director promises to increase opportunities and raise awareness

The new Early Careers Director at ITS (UK) says he plans to ensure all Members get a service tailored to their needs by developing opportunities for those in the sector, as well as raising awareness of transport technology for students studying related topics.

James Hornsby, who is a traffic signals engineer at Atkins, has taken up the volunteer advisory role at the Intelligent Transport Systems industry association, and will attend its Council meetings and advise the Secretariat on issues relating to Early Careers professionals.

“I am looking forward to carrying out my role as Early Careers Director where I will combine my experience of apprenticeships and working in the ITS industry to ensure that ITS (UK) continues to provide excellent service to all its members,” he explained.

“I will work with the Early Careers Forum to ensure that all its members are receiving a service that is tailored to their needs by providing many opportunities for engagement. This will help to continue interaction and collaboration between members, which I believe is a key part of what makes the ITS industry so strong.  Providing a platform for Early Career Members to voice their opinion and ask questions will benefit everyone through the sharing of information.”

James, and ITS (UK) Secretary General Jennie Martin, have already hosted an online meeting of apprentices at the Leeds College of Building to encourage them in their work, and explain the value of a career in ITS.

“Speaking to the transport apprentices at the Leeds College of Building gave myself and Jennie a chance to see how technology is perceived by those starting their careers within the wider transportation industry and they asked some very interesting questions about current and future technology,” he continued. “This was an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience for both those presenting and attending, and we look forward to speaking to them again, as well as speaking to other apprentices and students.”

“We really look forward to having James with us as our Early Careers Director, advocating for our early careers cohort at Council level and working with the Early Careers Forum leadership to make sure we offer the best possible service to that crucial section of our membership,” added Jennie Martin.  “It was a pleasure to kick off James’ tenure by co-presenting online with him to the latest intake of transport apprentices at the Leeds College of Building, giving them an idea of the many interesting options for careers in the ITS sector.  We hope to meet them in person before the end of their course.”

“As part of my role I will also look to develop training and development opportunities available for those interested in ITS, including raising awareness of the industry to those studying related topics,” James explained.  “I have already held discussions with Universities and Colleges that want to expand their ITS offering as well as spoken to apprentices about my experience of the ITS industry and why I enjoy being a part of it.

“I am always open to speaking to those that have ideas or questions about the future of the industry, whether it is an Early Careers member with new ideas or a team leader looking to find the best for their team members. So please feel free to get in touch.”

James has been featured in the ITS (UK) “Day in the Life of…” series, which you can read here.

(Picture – James Hornsby’s LinkedIn)


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