JCT details Traffic Signals Symposium papers

The popular JCT Traffic Signals Symposium returns to Nottingham Trent University in September, and its programme has been filled earlier than ever before.

The two day event on 14 and 15 September, with the opening social event and the MOVA User Group the night before, attracts delegates from across the public sector, consultancies and suppliers.

The keynote address features behavioural scientists Rory Sutherland and Pete Dyson and promises to be very entertaining, with both accomplished and very in-demand speakers.

They will be talking about how engineers plan transport systems, but people use them. They argue that the ways in which engineering measures success – speed, journey time, efficiency – is often not the way that passengers experience a good trip.

“After all, people are not cargo,” the explain. “We choose how and when to travel, influenced not only by speed and time but by habit, status, comfort, variety – and many other factors that engineering equations haven’t yet captured.”

“As we near the practical, physical limits of speed, capacity and punctuality, we believe the greatest hope for a brighter future lies in adapting transport to more human wants and needs.”

The pair wrote the book ‘Transport For Humans’ to show how there is a new way forward by adding behavioural science to engineering and economics. In their talk they will bring to life concepts, examples and new ideas for designing transport for humans.

“Interest in the Symposium and Exhibition is peaking early this year with the Symposium Programme now full and only a handful of exhibition stands left,” commented JCT Director John Nightingale (pictured), who leads the organisation of the event. “We have some first rate content that should satisfy an audience from all aspects of the Traffic Signals community and of course there will be lots of networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere”

Other papers are:

Pathway towards achieving a connected and cooperative mobility : Suku Phull – Department for Transport

Identifying how to effectively plan and manage Intelligent Transport System assets, to enable innovation : Emily Madsen – Staffordshire County Council

Sustainability 101 : Ian McDonald – Hydro Extrusions BV

The Tortoise and The Hare: Modelling road user micro-journeys to determine accurate Intergreen times : Darren Hudson – Traffic Group Technology

Edgbaston Tram Extension – Hagley Road Terminus – Shane Collins & Dave Manning – 4way Consulting

Traffic Control in Greater Manchester; Where We Are and Where We Go Next. – Chris Small – TfGM

Developments in Pedestrian Metrics and their use in the Optimisation of Signalised Crossings – Andrew Caleya Chetty – Starling Technologies Ltd

Overcoming the challenges of bridge mounted detection – A48 Briton Ferry bridge, South Wales – Peter Eccleson – Smart Video and Sensing

One eye on Preston – Lancashire’s first CYCLOPS – Atkins – TBC

When is a cycle gate, not a cycle gate? – Ashley Newnham – WSP

TfL Model Audit Process Update – Robert Blewitt and Lucy Beeston – Transport for London

RARR Process – Michael Bloomfield – Transport for London

Every journey starts with a walk – Speakers TBC – TRL & TfGM

Improving Urban Traffic Control with live multimodal data in Leeds -Joel Dodsworth – Leeds City Council and TBC – VivaCity

A traffic signal compendium of interesting things from three recent projects – Tom Siddall – 4way Consulting

Distracted Driving – the new Drink Driving? – Geoff Collins – Acusensus UK

The A45 Chowns Mill ‘throughabout, half-hamburger, whalnut whip, moon and sun’ roundabout – Mark Roxburgh – National Highways

Digital Data for Traffic Signal Controllers – DCIS, the Digital Controller Information Standard – TBC Department for Transport

Squaring the Circle – Designing High Quality Cycling, While Adding Traffic Capacity – Chris Kennett – Chris Kennett Consulting Ltd

A reserve list is now in operation and to submit a paper proposal for the RESERVE LIST, please click here.

Find out all about the Symposium here.

(Picture – John Nightingale at JCT)


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