Lancashire County Council partners with Aggregate Industries to trial carbon-neutral product

Construction materials supplier Aggregate Industries has completed the trial of its new Foamix® product, which is a lower carbon solution for pavement construction, repair and maintenance.

The company says this marks a significant achievement in the pursuit of sustainable asphalt and eco-friendly infrastructure within the construction industry.

Trialled on the M65 slip road in Lancashire, the new Foamix solution is a cold recycled bitumen bound material, meticulously manufactured with negative carbon aggregates and biogenic bitumen throughout the process. The outcome is a cost-effective, high-quality solution that recycles the existing carriageway, offering a net zero solution production process and a highly sustainable option for asphalt construction projects.

Aggregate Industries says Foamix has been widely recognised for delivering a very low carbon footprint due to its cold process and recycled content, “Making it an ideal choice for achieving a circular economy within construction”.

It adds that it has undertaken a further development of Foamix. by incorporating carbon negative aggregates and a biogenic binder, and that the trial has delivered a carbon neutral asphalt solution, with net zero embodied carbon emissions cradle to gate (Scope A1-A3), without the use of carbon offsetting, supporting National Highways’ target to deliver net zero construction by 2040.

It says that, whilst Aggregate Industries’ current Foamix solution already delivers a low embodied carbon footprint, the newly developed Foamix option has achieved a reduction to Net Zero CO2e per tonne across Scope A1-A3 emission thanks to the new product mix and use of onsite mobile plant production and installation.

(Picture – Aggregate Industries)


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