Lawyer stresses need for warning signs in ULEZ area

The lawyer known as “Mr Loophole” is warning Transport for London that drivers will have grounds to challenge ULEZ fines if they are spotted on roads without warning signs.

Nick Freeman, who got the nickname after getting well known figures off driving charges, has told the Daily Telegraph that a lack of warning signs on the outskirts of London could result in a wave of successful challenges from drivers when the zone is expanded next week.

Six out of the seven councils that border London have refused to install any TfL ULEZ signs in their boroughs, in protest against the expansion.

Mr Freeman told the Telegraph: “Any road traffic regulations that are introduced, there must be clear, unambiguous signage. And in the absence of clear, unambiguous signage, no penalty can be enforced. The prosecutors would, I’m quite confident, win on appeal.

“This happens in speeding cases, you get it in bus lane cases, there are a whole host of cases where the signage isn’t clear. And then when somebody wants to challenge it, they invariably win because the signage doesn’t doesn’t fit the bill.”

(File picture – RAC)


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