LEZ vehicle checker and Blue Badge portal now live

“The Scottish Government has announced a new website where people can now enter their vehicle registration number to confirm if their vehicle will comply with new Low Emission Zone rules.

In addition, Blue Badge holders who require exemptions can now register their details with the new LEZ exemption system so that the vehicle they are travelling in can access Low Emission Zones.

The website has been offering a indicative checker service since 2019, but Transport Scotland says this additional functionality makes it easier than before – without having to contact the vehicle manufacturer for full confirmation.

Low Emission Zones were formally introduced across Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen in May 2022, with enforcement starting at various dates from June this year to 1 June 2024.

Drivers cannot pay to enter a LEZ. Vehicles that do not meet the emission standards set for a LEZ will not be able to drive within the zone and a penalty charge will be payable by the registered keeper of a vehicle when a non-compliant vehicle drives within a LEZ.

A number of vehicles are exempt from LEZ requirements, including vehicles used by blue badge holders.

Minister for Transport Kevin Stewart said: “We all have the right to breathe clean air and we all have a moral responsibility to act. Air pollution disproportionally impacts the most vulnerable in our society. It causes the most damage to the youngest, the oldest and people with pre-existing medical conditions. Low Emission Zones are an important tool to protect public health and improve air quality.

“Our biggest cities have already seen air quality improvements in advance of the introduction of LEZs as people, businesses and bus operators prepare. This additional functionality on our well-used website will make it easier for people to understand if their vehicle is compliant with the forthcoming emissions standards across Scotland.

“Our funding is helping those that need it most to comply with LEZs and exemptions are in place for disabled people and blue badge holders that require their car for everyday journeys.

“In advance of Glasgow enforcement commencing on 1 June 2023, I would encourage everyone to visit www.lowemissionzones.scot to find out more and to understand what this important public health intervention means for them.”

(Picture – Transport Scotland)


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