Local Authority CEOs receive traffic signal funding details

The Department for Transport has completed the ‘write-around’ to the Chief Executives of 100 combined and local authorities across England confirming how much each will receive from the Traffic Signal Obsolescence Grant (TSOG) and Green Light Fund (GLF), as outlined in the Government’s Plan for Drivers.

A total of £50 million is being distributed to authorities to upgrade traffic signal systems by replacing obsolete equipment, and also to provide funding to tune up traffic signals to better reflect current traffic conditions and get traffic flowing.

The letters from the Department for Transport not only confirm the amount received, but also the distribution of funding in combined authority areas and explain the process authorities must now follow.

Authorities are required to produce a list of the schemes they intend to deliver with this grant funding by 30 April 2024.  This will be done using an on-line portal available on the Transport Technology Forum website, supported by the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG).

The Department for Transport intends to undertake a sample audit of evidence from some authorities during the financial year and says that, in addition and in the interests of transparency, it may publish full results of all authorities’ results on the Department’s website.

£10 million of the TSOG is being distributed automatically to all eligible English local highway authorities using the Integrated Transport Block allocation grant formula, with 67 further grants totalling £40 million across both TSOG and the GLF being made to fund projects in 80 local authority areas.  Most are for £500,000 but two combined authorities – Greater Manchester and Tees Valley – will receive multi-million consolidated payments to cover authorities across their areas.

Applications for a share of a further £20 million of funding earmarked for the Intelligent Traffic Management Fund (ITMF) will open next month (April). This money, expected to be delivered in packages worth around £2 million each, gives authorities the chance to deploy advanced technology for traffic signals, using emerging technologies to optimise traffic flow and balance traffic across city centres.  The application process closes at the end of July 2024 and detailed guidance has been published to help authorities with their bids.

The TTF Conference from 23-25 of April in Leicestershire will feature more details about TSOG, GLF and ITMF grants.

(Picture – TTF)


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