London’s black cabs join Uber

Uber is to launch Black Cabs in London from early in the New Year.

The ridehailing app says the move “opens up the Uber app to the iconic hackney carriage – much-loved by tourists and Londoners alike and an historic part of the capital’s transport network”. 

Uber launched in London more than a decade ago, providing well over a billion trips since.

The first cabbies are signing up, bringing together world-renowned drivers and the world’s largest ride-hailing platform.

In recent years, Uber has added intercity trains, Eurostar, National Express, car rentals and flight tickets in the UK app. Uber even launched its own ‘Coronation Carriage’ earlier this year, giving Londoners the chance to ride in a full-size replica of the carriage King Charles used during the coronation. 

Hameed Hameedi, the first London cab driver to sign up with Uber, completed the Knowledge in 2015. Before that he got to know London’s streets working as a private hire driver. He said: “A lot has changed since Uber first came to London, and I know lots of cabbies who first started out as Uber drivers. Nowadays more passengers than ever are using apps so Uber opening up to Black Cabs will be a huge advantage to the trade. App bookings are good for me because I know where my next job will be so I don’t miss any time searching on the streets for the next job. Ultimately, more passengers booking trips means more cash for cabbies and I’m excited that we are now working together.” 

Andrew Brem, General Manager of Uber UK, said: “We’re partnering with taxi drivers across the world and the message we are hearing from them is clear – Uber and taxis are better together. Black Cabs are an iconic part of the capital, loved by Londoners and visitors alike, and we are proud to work side by side. Partnership is win-win-win: helping London cab drivers earn more, boosting travel options for passengers and making London’s transport network more efficient.”

Muniya Barua, Deputy Chief Executive of BusinessLDN, said: “This new partnership will help Londoners and tourists get around the city more easily by making different travel options available at the tap of a button. It will provide cabbies with a steady flow of bookings and it will benefit businesses across the capital by making travel across the capital more efficient.”

The move makes London the latest major city where local taxi drivers are partnering with Uber. Taxi drivers in Paris, New York, Rome and major cities across 33 countries are now taking trips through Uber. 

Drivers that sign up to Uber will be dispatched a regular Taxi trip with an upfront fare range and destination for the trip and can choose to accept or reject the offer. All new drivers will benefit from 0% commission for their first six months. 

Globally, hundreds of thousands of taxi drivers now take trips on Uber and this number continues to grow. In Europe and the Middle East, over 10% of Uber trips are now completed by taxi drivers. 

(Picture – Yay Images)


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