Looking ahead to an autumn of events on Highways Voices

This last Highways Voices before the August break features a look ahead to three major events we’ll be covering this autumn.

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First, we chat to John Nightingale, organiser of the popular JCT Traffic Signals Symposium about what’s in the event, who are the key speakers, how it’s the biggest ever exhibition and why the bar won’t run dry.

Then Prof Eric Sampson, Chief Rapporteur of the ITS World Congress gives us a flavour of the event we’ll be reporting from in Los Angeles, thanks to our sponsors SWARCO, Nota AI and GEWI. The chat features the key themes, demonstrations and how you can get the most of it, even if you’re not able to make it to California.

Finally we chat to Highways UK Senior Conference producer Claudia Davidson. She talks about the ever-growing event, who are the keynote speakers lined up and how there are two more theatres of content this year, as well as the huge exhibition.

Add in the latest news from the website, our partner updates and why Kier win Adrian’s Accolade, and it’s a great Highways Voices to see us into the summer.

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ITS (UK) website

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