M4 average speed limit “must be enforced”

A new average speed limit on the M4 will only be a success if it’s properly enforced, a Welsh Government committee has heard.

The South Wales Argus reports that the Welsh Parliament, the Senedd, has heard progress is being made on introducing the new system near Newport to replace variable speed limit cameras which are being blamed on people speeding up and slowing down, disrupting traffic flow.

“People will realise quite quickly if that is not being enforced,” the Argus quotes Peter McDonald of the South East Wales Transport Commission’s secretariat. “If we want [the speed limit] to have its desired effect, it needs to be enforced.”

With the evidence suggesting traffic flow is disrupted by some drivers accelerating and braking between each variable speed camera, the commission has backed the solution of a fixed 50mph average speed zone that would force motorists to drive at more consistent speeds.

(File picture – Jenoptik)


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