Making the case for local roads on this week’s Highways Voices

“I have been talking about making the case for local roads for a number of years, so the fact that LCRIG sees that as at the heart of what it does is close to my heart,” says Paula Claytonsmith, the LCRIG’s new Director, Government and Strategy on this week’s Highways Voices.

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She talks about the LCRIG – the Local Council Roads Innovation Group – mission to make the case for local roads, explaining that “The reality is that local roads are always going to be at the heart of how our communities operate, and become more successful and economically viable, and how they become more connected on a more societal level.

“So making the case for local roads is as much about the communities that received their day to day services, how to get to the office, how to get young people to colleges, schools, and everything that a network entails. If you think about it, people talk about universal service. But in some respects, a road is a universal service, and that road is evolving all the time.”

Ms Claytonsmith talks about active travel, procurement, technology at the roadside, political viewpoints and funding in a wide-ranging fascinating interview.

You’ll also hear why GRAHAM win this week’s “Adrian’s Accolade” and plenty of interesting content in our partner news.

Join Adrian Tatum and Paul Hutton for this week’s half hour of transport chat.

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