Man climbs in speed camera to flash passing motorists with his phone

Yes, this really happened. A man has posted on Facebook a video of him squeezed into a speed camera in North Wales, flashing passing cars with the torch on his phone.

John Westlake was on holiday in Towyn with his wife Sarah-Jane when he spotted the camera while waiting for a pizza.

North Wales Live reports how he thought it’d be a fun way to kill time to climb into the camera casing and flash passing vehicles.

The 38-year-old joiner from Wirral told the website, “We were waiting outside for our pizzas when I noticed a hole in the back of the speed camera. At that point I thought it would be a funny way of killing some time to climb up and flash the passing cars to see if they’d slow down.”

At time of writing the video has been watched 17,000 times.

Watch the video here.

(Picture – Facebook)


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