AVs “will have bigger impact than EVs” – Mobileye

The Vice President for Mobility as a Service at technology company Mobileye is predicting that autonomous vehicles will give the world back 800 billion hours of wasted hours per year and that self-driving vehicles will have a bigger impact on the future of mobility than the transformation to electric vehicles.

Johann Jungwirth says that with 94% of 1.35 million traffic deaths per year are caused by human drivers, and tens of million injuries, “finally we have a solution in sight”. As well as the 800 billion hours that can be given back to people, he says the user experience means anyone will be able to get from A to B safely, conveniently door-to-door, “without a driving license, without a steering wheel, even after a glass of wine”. He adds, “not to forget all the services you can now put on wheels to even serve rural areas and new business models as well as a different value chain”.

More than 60 million vehicles are equipped with it worldwide and Jungwirth says the company is continuously trying to reinvent itself and “push computer vision to the next level from single camera-based solutions, to trifocal cameras to surround vision-based solutions we call Mobileye SuperVision, and now even the fusion of cameras, radars and lidars for full self-driving with Mobileye Drive. On the automation side we keep pushing the limits from Level 1 ADAS to Level 2 ADAS to hands-free ADAS, and now to Level 3 and even Level 4 fully autonomous driving solutions available starting next year.”

(Picture – Mobileye Intel)


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