Mercedes introduces connected car pothole warnings

Mercedes-Benz has announced it is providing customers with Car-to-X (vehicle to everything) functions on its C-Class and S-Class models.

The system uses sensors on the chassis control unit to detect potholes or speed bumps, and if they do, the “Car-to-X Communication” service is activated, sending informatin to the Mercedes-Benz Cloud in real time via the mobile phone network. Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in the vicinity are then informed, and the events are displayed with icons on the navigation map. About ten seconds before the relevant lane section is reached, an audible warning is given and the icon is visually highlighted.

The company says passenger cars produced from 2016 onwards can receive the warning information, which adds up to more than three million vehicles worldwide, provided they have an active Mercedes me account and online availability of the “Car-to-X Communication” service.

In these vehicles, warnings are given with the familiar voice output “Traffic event ahead”. In the new C-Class, S-Class and EQS, the audible warning is “Look out, pothole!” or “Attention, speed bump”.

(Picture – Mercedes)


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