Messagemaker Displays launches new adaptive speed limit reminder sign

LED traffic solutions company Messagemaker Displays has released an Adaptive Speed Limit Reminder Sign, which can be changed easily to highlight the current legal limit to drivers.

The company says it has developed the sign to future proof warnings as and when limits are changed from, say, 30 mph to 20, helping make any transition simple for highways authorities.

The new Adaptive Speed Limit Reminder Sign from Messagemaker Displays prompts drivers when exceeding the limit. The company says it has a user-friendly design – involving a simple scheduling software – the sign can be easily switched between 40 mph, 30mph and 20mph messaging. As a result, this can help highways authorities who are currently looking for new 30mph signage to prepare in advance for the speed limit reduction and futureproof their signage, preventing the purchase of further new signage when the legislation is enforced.

Fully TSRGD compliant, the sign has a bold and eye-catching design, with a compact yet durable IP56 rated structure, which is also lightweight for easy installation. In addition, Messagemaker Displays prioritises energy efficiency and sustainability in all its products. Therefore, the sign utilises low power LEDs and is also compatible with renewable power sources.

Furthermore, the Adaptive Speed Limit Reminder Sign can also be used to analyse data and speeding trends following installation, thanks to an optional data capture functionality.

“The Adaptive Speed Limit Reminder is an essential tool for installation on all restricted roads that may soon be affected by the speed limit reduction as it rolls out across the UK,” said Danny Adamson, Managing Director at Messagemaker Displays. “It’s incredibly simple to use and implement, and allows highways authorities to futureproof residential roads against any emerging and future legislative changes.”

(Picture – Messagemaker Displays)


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