Messagemaker Displays releases new urban speed limit repeater sign

LED traffic sign maker Messagemaker Displays has released a new the Urban Speed Limit Repeater Sign in reaction to legislation to lower the default national speed limit on residential roads and busy pedestrian streets from 30mph to 20mph in Wales.

Wales is the first UK nation to make this switch, which is due to be rolled out nationally in September 2023, giving local authorities the option to choose whether a road should have the default 20 or keep a 30mph speed limit going forward. The rest of the UK are also quickly implementing 20mph speed limits in both urban and residential areas to reduce accidents, or at least the severity of accidents.

As part of its mission to provide reliable and compliant products, Messagemaker Displays has released a new Urban Speed Limit Repeater sign that aims to prevent collisions and calm traffic. Specifically, this highways-approved device will help local authorities to enforce the new 20mph speed limits across urban areas and can offer both a permanent and temporary solution. TSRGD compliant, the sign’s compact and lightweight design also allows for easy installation and re-location.

Crucially, the sign can display both ‘20’ and ‘30’ speed limits depending on what is required with the simple press of a button. As such it is the ideal solution for residential roads which currently have a 30mph limit that may change to 20mph in the future, negating the need to swap the sign and reducing both labour and waste.

This repeater sign was designed with the increasing demand for sustainability in mind. Specifically, its energy efficient LED technology ensures the sign has a low power draw of 8 watts, putting less strain on the national grid and also making the option of Solar Power a very viable, cost efficient and energy efficient option.

The flashing signal clearly and effectively reminds drivers of the speed limit, while a data gathering function can be used by councils and the Highways Authority to help set-up speeding enforcement procedures. Finally, the sign is EN12966 certified, IP56 rated and CE compliant to ensure full compliance with the latest regulations and protection against the elements.

“Urban speed limit repeater signs are an invaluable tool for preventing accidents as well as monitoring speed and traffic movements,” said Danny Adamson, Managing Director at Messagemaker Displays. “Pedestrians need to feel safe when walking and cycling, especially in busy residential areas. With our new Urban Speed Limit Repeater we can easily reduce road accidents and create safer communities.”

(Picture – Messagemaker Displays)


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