Motorists praise the effect of average speed cameras on notorious road in Worcestershire

Drivers who use the A449 between Hartlebury and Ombersley have voiced their support for the improvements they have noticed since SPECS average speed cameras were installed on the road.

During the past three years in West Mercia, three people have been killed on the 50mph section of the A449 with a further four suffering serious injuries. Speeding or inappropriate speed was noted in the majority of incidents as a contributory factor.  Therefore, the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner’s Road Safety Fund decided to support the implementation of the Jenoptik average speed solution.

After local Worcestershire News journalist Cat Phillips tweeted about how she had noticed drivers’ behaviour had changed for the better since the installation, residents replied tweeting their similar experiences of safer driving.

“Huge difference. We pull out from the Hartlebury junction and it’s made it so much easier,” wrote one, while another commented that she had spotted “a few speed merchants but far fewer than previously.”  Another resident noted how noise from the road was much better, with “far less noise from speedsters.”  Other comments included how the cameras’ introduction had made a “massive difference and much welcomed,” and how things are “much better now”.  There were no replies complaining about the new average speed scheme.

The Jenoptik average speed camera system influences driver behaviour so that the speed limit is adhered to throughout the whole section of the route by enforcing an average speed across a route 24 hours of the day.

“As a newly elected County Councillor for this area I welcome this new initiative,” commented Worcestershire County Councillor Tony Miller.  “Speed is a concern that is often raised by my local constituents so it is great that we can use this technology to try and reduce speeds along this stretch of the A449 and in turn reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured.”

“Having installed more than 200 schemes to date, Jenoptik are delighted that road users and residents alike are seeing the benefits of safe and smooth traffic flows,” added Jenoptik UK’s Deputy Managing Director Geoff Collins.  “We are pleased to be providing the enforcement technology that will help to make the A449 a safer road.”

West Mercia Police says ongoing evaluation will be taking place and will inform future decisions over how this technology can be used in parts of its area.

(Picture L-R, Geoff Collins, from Jenoptik Traffic Solutions, Jon Fraser, Worcestershire County Council Highways manager, Councillor Tony Miller, PCC John Campion and Superintendent Gareth Morgan.  Picture courtesy of Jenoptik)


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