Multipatcher Becomes Official UK Distributor for GlassMark

Surface solutions distributor Multipatcher is partnering with Dutch recycling specialist, Colvitro, to bring “GlassMark” to the United Kingdom.

Colvitro, headed by Dutch-based environmental entrepreneur Ralph Creteer has already seen GlassMark used internationally, while installation partners, Kiely Group, won the Surfacing Qualifying Innovator award at the LCRIG Innovation Festival in 2023.

Traditional road surfacing methods in the UK include using bauxite in coloured surfaces for applications such as bus lanes, EV charging bays, and bike lanes, which comes with, what are described as “some pretty big environmental downsides”.

Bauxite is a material with a finite resource which is extracted through mining. In this application it is a single use aggregate and, being sourced primarily from places such as China, Indonesia, Brazil and India, it comes with high shipping costs and huge carbon emissions, too.

GlassMark by Colvitro being made from 100% recycled glass offering what the company calls “a better and cheaper alternative”. The majority of the carbon has been paid when the glass was made into its primary use such as windows, glasses, and many other every day uses.

Moreover, conventional coloured surface treatments like Bauxite tend to wear away over time, resulting in a faded appearance and a dirty-looking surface.

GlassMark by Colvitro maintains its vibrant colour because of its 360-degree colouring, colour matched resin and the translucent properties of the glass allow the shine of coloured resins to come through, preserving the surface’s vibrant appearance.

Co-Managing Directors of Multipatcher (UK), Ross Bullerwell said “we are delighted to sign this distributor agreement with Colvitro in the UK and Ireland. We believe that using recycled glass to replace proprietary mined aggregate in coloured surfaces for cycle paths, footways, landscaping and slip prevention environments can only be a good thing for everybody.”

His co-MD Neil Levett continued, “We will not have to mine stone for single use, ship it across the oceans and use it only once. We are taking glass that would have otherwise gone to landfill, crushing it, grading it, colouring it and reusing it.

“By doing this we are saving local authorities tonnes in carbon (as the main carbon debt has been paid during the initial manufacture of the glass itself) and thousands of pounds in shipping and mining.”

Mr Bullerwell concluded that “GlassMark by Colvitro is poised to transform the landscape of road surfacing in the UK, setting new standards for performance, sustainability, and visual appeal. “

As the distributor, Multipatcher UK Ltd have partnered with a UK installation practitioner, in this instance nationwide specialist, Kiely Bros Ltd, who will provide site surveys, advice on installation and undertake all applications of the product to ensure quality of installation.

(Picture courtesy of Neil Levett)


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