NEMA-certified status achieved for AI-powered AGD650 stop-line detector

Extending its global status as one of the UK’s most successful manufacturers of ITS products, AGD has achieved NEMA certification for its best-selling AGD650 Stop-Line Detector.

Imperative for customers in both the USA and Canada, the United States National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) testing is designed to assess the suitability of electrical equipment for use in specific applications and environments. Customers can feel assured that products which pass the intensive testing process deliver enhanced safety as they’ve been tested to offer reliability and performance under various controlled environmental conditions and operational stresses.

The AGD650 smart, optical and dynamic environment stop-line detector was subjected to a series of rigorous electrical, mechanical, and environmental tests. The assessments included voltage tests at high temperatures of up to +74°C and down to -34°C and external icing. The AGD650 was also subjected to electrical transient tests at high and low temperatures and verified to ensure protection against the ingress of water and electrical power surges.

Brian Cherry, Commercial Manager at AGD Systems, explains why reliability and quality assurance are the first and foremost considerations when developing products for a global audience.

“The AGD650 has been expertly designed to improve safety at intersections and junctions by delivering robust vehicle detection data at the stop-line of multi-lane approaches. Consistency is imperative for this AI-powered product to ensure ultra-reliable results, and it already met all relevant standards for the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific; however, NEMA certification was vital to meeting the requirements of our customers in the USA and Canada.

“By undergoing the demanding NEMA testing process, we can further assure our customers of its suitability in even the most challenging environments. This is in addition to our overall commitment to quality, safety, and compliance. It was fascinating to see the product endure a wide range of extreme conditions in the laboratory, and we’re proud to announce its NEMA-certified status.”


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