New app turns phone into dashcam, making it easy to report driving offences

A new free app is being launched which turns a phone into a dashcam, which can be used to report different driving offences to police.

The Sun reports DashcamUK, which will launch in May, can capture 21 traffic violations from ignoring a red light to using phones while driving. It can also detect speeding.

To record a breach of road laws by other motorists, drivers need to do is touch the home screen. Unneeded footage is automatically deleted after 30 seconds to preserve storage space.

The paper says DashcamUK’s creator Oleksiy Afonin, explains footage could be submitted to an official police video portal in under a minute and is far simpler than using a traditional dashcam, because all you need is to tap the screen.

The inventor said he held meetings with the National Police Chiefs’ Council while he was designing the app and as a result, it includes a number of recommended features to ensure the video evidence stands up to scrutiny in court. The app is already available in Ukraine.

(Picture – DashcamUA)


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