New connectivity is bringing roads up to speed

Three big trends in connectivity are set to revolutionise our roads in the next five to ten years: edge computing, 5G and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. In 2022, edge-node sensors will be installed at roadsides around the world as an initial step in bringing all three together as part of the transport infrastructure.

Sensor-driven computing will soon be everywhere, and it’s going to revolutionize our transport infrastructure.

Edge-based computing focuses on shifting the intelligence and data processing much closer to the original data source. Edge servers, known as edge nodes, are deployed in close proximity to vehicle networks. Unlike cloud computing, they can deliver real-time information without any delay.

The movement of data from cloud-based to edge-based has started but, in 2022, edge will become more prevalent, leading to consumers experiencing the first benefits of true 5G-based communication. For motorists, this will mean instantaneous content and high-precision, location-based services. For businesses, it will mean being able to reach customers more effectively.

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